Factsheet Business Travel

What are the greenhouse gas emissions caused by a journey conducted by train, car or airplane or replaced by a virtual meeting? How do the means of transport differ in the net amount of time spent if preparation time and the time which can be used productively during travel are considered?

Factsheet Business Travel (PDF, 364 KB)

Factsheet Dienstreisen (PDF, 417 KB)

Factsheet Commuter Traffic

How do the greenhouse gas emissions differ, depending on whether I commute by car, streetcar, e-bike or bike to UZH? How much land do the different modes of transporta-tion require? And what impact does the choice of mode of transportation for commuting have on human health? 

Factsheet Commuter Traffic (PDF, 407 KB)

Factsheet Pendelverkehr (PDF, 406 KB)

Factsheet Food in University Life

What is the annual environmental impact (in terms of greenhouse gas emissions) of an average Swiss diet (including meat), a vegetarian and a vegan diet? How do foodstuffs differs with regard to water consumption? 

Factsheet Food in University Life (PDF, 488 KB)

Factsheet Ernährung im Uni-Alltag (PDF, 468 KB)

Factsheet Media Use

Which type of media use has the lowest environmental impact: Downloading files from the Internet and reading them on a screen, printing out files or lending books from the library? How long does an e-book reader have to be used until its production pays off in terms of climate protection?

Factsheet Media Use  (PDF, 376 KB)

Factsheet Mediennutzung (PDF, 361 KB)