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Foto Linde Warland

Linde Warland

  • Teamleiterin / Team Leader (60 %)
  • Geschäftsführerin der Kommission für Nachhaltigkeit / Manager of the Sustainability Commission
+41 44 635 43 19
Binzmühlestrasse 14, 8050 Zürich
Room number
Working hours
Montag - Donnerstag (Dienstag halbtags) / Monday - Thursday (Tuesday half day)

Linde Warland, formerly Grießhaber, is team leader and manager of the UZH Sustainability Commission. She joined the Sustainability Team in 2014.

short bio

Linde holds a master degree in Environmental Governance and a bachelor degree in Comparative and European Law. Her previous work experience includes working for a non-governmental organisation for three years and for an international consulting firm for one year. In both positions her thematic focus was international climate politics, particularly international climate finance. She also held an internship position in an international consulting form (focus: sustainable energy politics; six months) and in the sustainability research department of a Swiss private bank (six months). In addition, she volunteered during one year at foraus - Forum Schweizer Aussenpolitik as leader of the group Environment, Energy and Transport. 

She also engages for sustainability in her private life, e.g. as part of sustainability initiatives to promote biodiversity in her town.

puplications (selection)

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