Achieving our Sustainability Goals Together

UZH has set itself ambitious targets in its "Umsetzungsstrategie 2030 zur Sustainability Policy" (Implementation Strategy 2030 for the Sustainability Policy, only available in German). In order to achieve these targets, we need as many UZH members as possible to contribute personally to these goals.

Voluntary self-commitments

More and more students and staff of UZH set themselves personal goals to contribute to the implementation of the Sustainability Policy. We collect these self-commitments and publish them here.

We hope that employees and students will get inspired by the goals of their colleagues and become active themselves. In addition, we want to show that we are working together for sustainable action.

We hope you get inspired while reading them. You can submit your personal self-commitment in the web form. Your commitment will not be published unless you agree explicitly. 

Self-commitments related to teaching 
Self-commitments related to research
Self-commitments related to air travel 
Self-commitments related to food 
Further self-commitments