UZH participates in the following national and international sustainability initiatives.

Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft Zürich

UZH is a main partner of the Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft Zürich. The platform fosters exchange about projects and science related to resource and energy efficiency and decarbonisation. Representatives from industry, politics and science can exchange their experiences at the regular events organized by the platform. 

Information: Opportunities for cooperation between UZH members and the Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft Zürich (PDF, 178 KB) (in German)

Klimaplattform der Wirtschaft Zürich

U Change

The programme "U Change" runs from 2017-2020. It is led by the Network for Transdisciplinary Research of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. In the field of sustainable development, the programme funds student projects and structures which support students in their project work. U Change is financed by the Swiss government.

So far, the Programme has financed the following projects at or in cooperation with UZH:

Vorlesung Plurale Ökonomie

Swiss Sustainability Week

Swiss Academic Society for Environmental Research and Ecology (saguf)

saguf was founded in 1972 with the aim of fostering environmental and sustainability research in Switzerland. Researchers at UZH participate actively in saguf; membership is open to academics and practitioners involved in environmental and sustainability research as well as to students with an interest in these fields of research. saguf members can contribute to issues of research policy and strategy by becoming active in management or by contributing content to one of the (to-date) six working groups in the following areas: environmental humanities; the future of energy, innovation for sustainable development; education for sustainable development; integrated resources research; and knowledge transfer between research and practice.


Sustainable Development at Universities Programme

The Sustainable Development at Universities Programme ran from 2013-2016. It financially supported sustainable development projects at Swiss universities. The Programme was financed by the Swiss University Conference and the foundation “Stiftung Mercator Schweiz.”

Sustainable Development at Universities Programme

The Programme has financed the following projects at or in cooperation with UZH:

Translating Plant Science into Sustainable Development - An Educational Model for facilitating Sustainable Agriculture Research towards Transfer (SMART Agriculture)

Motivating ICT, IS and computer science students for sustainability - developing and testing course material

Green Jobs - Berufsperspektiven für Hochschulabsolvent/innen

LERN DICH FREI! in 365 Tagen zu einem nachhaltigeren Leben


A Swiss Sustainability Platform

International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN)

Since 2018, the University of Zurich is a member of ISCN, which is a network of higher education institutions. Members can exchange ideas about sustainable campus development in working groups, webinars and annual conferences. The network has been founded in 2007 and has currently about 80 member institutions in approximately 30 countries. 


ISCN/GULF Sustainable Campus Charter

COPERNICUS Alliance – European Network on Higher Education for Sustainable Development

The COPERNICUS Alliance was established by rectors, presidents, and vice-chancellors of European universities. The network organizes annual conferences, initiates joint projects, and promotes its members’ workshops and publications. The COPERNICUS Alliance is the governing body of the COPERNICUS Charta, one of the first of the international university charters to explicitly promote sustainability in higher education. To date, over 300 universities throughout Europe – including UZH – have signed the charter.


Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment

The university alliance was founded in 2017. It aims at organizing annual conferences on sustainable finance and investments, fostering scientific cooperations and support young researchers in this field.

Global Research Alliance for Sustainable Finance and Investment

United Nations Academic Impact

The University of Zurich is a member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) initiative. The initiative comprises over 1300 institutions related to higher education in more than 130 countries. UNAI aims to contribute to the realisation of the UN goals, of which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are integral. The University of Zurich has been selected to serve until 2021 as UNAI Hub for the SDG on "Climate Action" (SDG 13).

Contact at UZH: Dr. Veruska Muccione (email)

United Nations Academic Impact

International Association of Universities – Higher Education for Sustainable Development Portal

The University of Zurich is member of the International Association of Universities (IAU), an UNESCO-based association of higher education institutions. Over 600 members from some 130 countries are represented in the organization. Sustainability in higher education institutions was the main topic at the 2014 annual conference. The same year, IAU created an online platform – the Higher Education for Sustainable Development Portal – dedicated to sustainability in higher education.

IAU - Higher Education for Sustainable Development Portal