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Legal Documents

The table below presents a selection of documents pertaining to the University of Zurich that bear significance to sustainability.

Laws and Regulations
Title Reference to Sustainability
Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation The Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation refers to sustainable development in Article 2 and contains a separate article on sustainability (Article 73), which states that the federal and cantonal administrations work "to achieve a balanced and sustainable relationship between nature and its capacity to renew itself and the demands placed on it by the population."
Sustainable Development Strategy of the Federal Council The action plan of the Sustainable Development Strategy 2016-2019 of the Federal Council specifies "education, research, and innovation" as one of its nine action ares. 
Higher Education Act of the Swiss Confederation Pursuant to this Act, one requirement for institutional accreditation of higher education institutions and other institutions within the higher education sector is that they have a quality control system in place to ensure that their activities "further the aims of economic, social and environmental sustainability."
Constitution of the Canton of Zurich The constitution of the Canton of Zurich contains an article on sustainability (Article 6) that specifies the duty of the canton and the communes to maintain our basis of existence and stresses their responsibility to secure ecological, economical, and social sustainability for future generations.

The Constitution of the Canton of Zurich is in German only.

University Act of the Canton of Zurich The University Act contains references to the importance of considering ethical principles when pursuing scholarly work and of regarding possible consequences of research on humans and the environment.

The University Act is in German only.

University Statutes The University Statutes address the ethical responsibility scholars bear in their work as researchers, instructors, and service providers.

The University Statutes are in German only.

Mission Statement of the UZH The University of Zurich's mission statement calls for "a high degree of responsibility, including reflection on the ethical implications of research activities for humans, animals and the environment." It makes reference to equal opportunity, to fair educational opportunities, and to other issues pertaining to sustainability.
UZH's Strategic Principles UZH's Strategic Principles define equal opportunities, diversity and sustainability as core values of university life and as the responsibility of all organisational units and members of UZH.
UZH's Sustainability Policy UZH's Sustainability Policy defines how UZH wants to contribute to a sustainable development.
UZH's Energy Guidelines The energy guidelines of the University of Zurich set goals for reduced energy consumption per square meter at UZH, names guidelines to lower CO2 emissions caused by commuting and business travel of UZH staff and students, and introduces other measures to enhance energy efficiency. The guidelines are currently being updated.

The guidelines are in German only.

UZH's Gender Policy Code of Conduct The Gender Policy Code of Conduct lays the foundation for gender equality at UZH.
UZH's Diversity Policy

In its Diversity Policy, UZH embraces diversity as a core value. UZH vows to commit itself to the active and systematic promotion of diversity and prevention of discrimination as well as to support diversity-friendly and inclusive research, teaching, studies, academic self-organization, and administration.

UZH's Disability Statement The Disability Statement deals with ensuring equal opportunity for people with impairments at the University of Zurich.
International Declarations Signed by UZH
Title Reference to Sustainability
ISCN/GULF Sustainable Campus Charter Signing the ISCN/Gulf Sustainable Campus Charter is a precondition to ISCN membership. It contains three principles for sustainable campus development: Buildings and the sustainability impacts, Campus-wide planning and target setting and Integration of research, teaching, facilities, and outreach. 
COPERNICUS – The University Charter for Sustainable Development The COPERNICUS Charter of 1994 is one of the first international university charters that refers explicitly to sustainability. To date, over 300 universities throughout Europe – including UZH – have signed the charter.
Magna Charta Universitatum The preamble of the Magna Charta Universitatum makes explicit reference to a university's responsibility to promote sustainability, especially through giving "future generations education and training that will teach them, and through them others, to respect the great harmonies of their natural environment and of life itself."