Living Laboratory – Calls for theses

UZH makes itself available to its researchers and students as a living laboratory to enable the exploration and implementation of measures for sustainable operations. The Sustainability Team will put interested students from different disciplines into contact with internal stakeholders who propose topics for potential theses based on actual challenges occurring at UZH.

Previous projects

  • Bachem, Miriam (2017): Erklärung des Abfallverhaltens an der UZH: abstrakt latente und spezifisch manifeste Konstrukte im Vergleich; Master thesis at the Department of Psychology
  • Schär, Eva (2017): Einweg ist kein Weg! Eine Intervention zur Untersuchung des Konstrukts ‘Commitment’ gegenüber einem Verhalten; Master thesis at the Department of Psychology
  • Küng, Jasmin (2015): Identifying and evaluating plate waste reduction potentials at a Swiss university canteen; Master theses at the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies