Lecture Series "Sustainability Now!”

The Sustainability Team organizes an annual public lecture series on sustainable development in collaboration with the Right Livelihood Center at UZH. Laureates of the Alternative Nobel Prize present their engagement in various fields of sustainable development. The experiences are afterwards being discussed from the perspective of research, politics, and civil society. Students have the opportunity to participate in the event and receive ECTS credits. 


All lectures of the lecture series in 2021 and 2022 have been recorded and are available as podcasts:

Education for sustainable development

"The Role of Peace Education for a Safe Environmental Space" with Alyn Ware (Laureate 2009, advisor to the Presidency of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms) (spring semester 2022)

"Responsible Science: Transformation for the Future" with David Suzuki (2009 laureate, environmental activist, and emeritus professor of genetics) (spring semester 2022)


"So ernähren wir die Welt" with Hans Rudolf Herren (Laureate 2013, insect researcher, agricultural and development researcher) (spring semester 2021)

Human rights

"Changing the World Using the Law" with Colin Gonsalves (Laureate 2017, human rights activist) (spring semester 2021)

"I Am from a Developing Country, I am a lawyer and I am blind – I Have a Disability and 99 Opportunities" with Yetnebersh Nigussie (Laureate 2017, lawyer and human rights activist) (spring semester 2021) 

"The Powerful Voice of the Untouchables" with Dr. Ruth Manorama (Laureate 2006, women's rights activist) (spring semester 2021)

"The Responsibility of Media in Fighting for Human Rights" with Amy Goodman (Laureate 2008, democracy and human rights activist) (spring semester 2021)

"Every Drop Counts – the Human Right to Clean Water" with Maude Barlow (Laureate 2005, publicist und activist) (spring semester 2021)

"No Pardon for Chemical Weapons" with Paul Walker (Laureate 2013, Chemical weapons expert and advocate for the abolition of chemical weapons) (spring semester 2021)

"Female Empowerment for a Just Society in Afghanistan" with Sima Samar (Laureate 2012, Minister of Women's Affairs of Afghanistan) (spring semester 2022)

"A Culture of Remembrance as a Prerequisite for Reconciliation" with Vesna Teršelič (Laureate 1998, peace activist, founder and coordinator of the Anti-War Campaign in Croatia) (spring semester 2022)

Environmental Protection

"Africa’s Way in the 21st Century" with Nnimmo Bassey (Laureate 2010,  poet and environmentalist) (spring semester 2021)

"Co-Creation: Successful Solution for Reforestation with the People, for the People" with Tony Rinaudo (Laureate 2018, agronomist) (spring semester 2022)

"Indigenous Peoples as Guardians of Biodiversity" with Linda Poppe of Survival International (1989 awardee organization, director of Berlin office) (spring semester 2022)