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Data collection

Data collection to date

The data for calculating flight-related emissions comes from the expense reports. The expense form previously used at UZH does not yet contain any flight-specific fields. The Sustainability Team records the flight segments indicated in the expense report. An external service provider then calculates the emission values.

Future data collection

The Finance Office is introducing a new expense tool (Yokoy). This will also facilitate the collection of information for flight-related emissions. In a pilot phase (July 2023 until the end of 2023), the new tool will only apply to flights paid for with a UZH credit card.

In order to correctly calculate flight-related greenhouse gas emissions, we rely on UZH employees to carefully fill in all flight-specific fields:  

Outbound flight: date Fill in the date of the outbound flight.
Outbound flight: Flight number Fill in the flight number of the return flight. 
Return flight: Date Fill in the date of the return flight.
Return flight: Flight no Fill in the flight number of the return flight. 
Stopover If there was a stopover, select the appropriate box.
Service class (Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First) Select the class of service booked.

It is extremely important that the above fields are filled in correctly and without typing errors, as the monitoring and calculation of flight-related emissions is based on this information. The evaluation of the measures and any adjustments to the measures of the faculties and divisions of the Executive Board of the University are also based on this data. The best possible data quality is very important, especially in science, and strengthens confidence in and motivation for reduction measures.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation!

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Do you have ideas for a more effective implementation of sustainability at UZH? Are you aware of processes or structures make sustainable action difficult? The Sustainability Team is grateful for your suggestions and ideas and will contact the relevant persons.