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Related Offices and Commissions

Besides the Sustainability Commission, the following offices and commissions deal with issues that make a major contribution to a sustainable development at UZH.

Office for Gender Equality and Diversity

The Office for Gender Equality and Diversity and the Gender Equality Commission work to achieve actual gender equality at all levels and in all functions at UZH. The diverse approaches taken include personal advisory sessions for UZH staff and students who are discriminated on the basis of gender as well as special programs to advance the academic careers of women. In addition to this work, the Office for Gender Equality engages in intense collaboration with the University faculties to sustainably establish the topic of gender equality in UZH’s culture and structures. The latter work is part of the Gender Equality Action Plan UZH (duration: 2013-2016).

Office for Safety, Security and Environment

The Office for Safety, Security and Environment is responsible for: safety at work; safeguarding health; operative security and emergency response; environmental protection; safety and transportation; and access systems at the University.  In the area of environmental protection, for instance, the office takes measures to ensure the observation of legal provisions concerning water and air pollution control. The Commission for Safety at Work and Health Protection supports the office in a number of ways, including with the coordination of requirements regarding safety at work and safeguarding health, and with the documentation of implementation processes.

International Relations Office

The International Relations Office at the University of Zurich supports UZH students who are planning a stay abroad as well as international students who would like to study at UZH; the Office also provides information and advice to UZH researchers with regard to their international activities. The University of Zurich’s North-South Cooperation promotes knowledge sharing and intercultural dialogue with universities and research institutions in Africa. As part of its mission, the cooperation supports sustainable projects in research and teaching as well as in capacity development. The International Relations Office is also involved in implementing the internationalization strategy of the University of Zurich.

Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission promotes awareness of ethical responsibility in research and teaching, and supports UZH instructors in integrating ethical issues into their teaching. Moreover, instructors can submit applications for courses with an ethical context to the Ethics Commission, which may allocate eight hours of teaching assignments per year.

Disability Office

The Disability Office is committed to removing barriers that impede access at UZH to students with disabilities and/or chronic health issues. The Office provides information on studying and working with a disability in a university environment and offers advice as well as practical support in individual cases. Beyond this, it strives to continually improve the physical, digital, educational, and administrative access for affected persons at UZH.

The activities of the Disability Office are supported at a strategic level by the Academic Disability Commission.

In accordance with its mission statement, UZH is committed to ensuring equal opportunity and non-discrimination at all levels for the members of its community. In this way, diversity is respected and the potential of all can be realized – in the true spirit of sustainable development.

Sustainability Committee of the Faculty of Science

The members of the sustainability committee represent each of the divisions of the MNF. Currently the committee is working on projects relating to teaching, discontinuing the use of PET bottles on campus, promoting sustainable food choices at the mensa and in their aperos, and supporting student projects. Input and participation from anyone with enthusiasm to make the Faculty more aware and active in sustainability is appreciated.

Sustainability Committee of the Faculty of Science