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Sustainability Report

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The University of Zurich published its third sustainability report in May 2023. In the reporting years 2021 and 2022, UZH created decisive conditions for making substantial contributions to sustainable development in the coming years in research, teaching, operations and in exchange with society. This report documents the corresponding changes and activities.
The topics covered were selected for the first time in view of theimplementation of the Sustainability Policy, which came into force on 29 September 2020.

The report is available as a PDF document and as a web version. Both versions offer systematic access to further information on sustainability issues at UZH through the web links included.

For the first time, a short summary appears at the end of each chapter in the PDF of the Sustainability Report 2021/22, providing information on the status of implementation of the respective goals and measures. The following document also combines all summaries on the status of implementation of the goals and measures from the 2020 Implementation Strategy.
General overview: Status of the goals and measures of the Sustainability Policy Implementation Strategy 2030 (PDF, 98 KB)

Sustainability Report 2021/22

Sustainability Report 2021/22 (de) (PDF, 8 MB)
Web Version of the Sustainability Report 2021/22 (de)

Earlier Reports

Sustainability Report 2019/20 (PDF, 6 MB)

Sustainability Report 2018 Long Version (de) (PDF, 5 MB)
Sustainability Report 2018 Short Version (de) (PDF, 334 KB)
Sustainability Report 2018 Short Version (en) (PDF, 360 KB)


All graphics of the Sustainability Report: Melanie Lindner

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