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Sustainability Right Livelihood Centre of the University of Zurich

Continuing Education

Third Lecture Series "Sustainability Now! - Analysing Empowerment for Change"

Flyer for the Lecture Series

In the framework of the lecture series organized by the Sustainability Team and the Right Livelihood Center of the UZH, Right Livelihood laureates report on their engagement in various fields of sustainable development. The subsequent panels will reflect on experiences from the perspective of research, politics and civil society.

The topics of this year's lecture series will all be from the field of empowerment. The selected Right Livelihood Award recipients who will speak are leaders in promoting human rights and environmental protection by mobilizing communities and strengthening grassroots initiatives. 
The lecture series will take place from 18:30-20:00 in room KOL-G-204 at Rämistrasse 71 in 8006 Zurich.


March 09, 2023«Reintegrating Former Child Soldiers into Society»
Ilwad Elman, Somalia, Right Livelihood Award 2022
Panel: Prof. Dr. Amber Gayle Thalmayer, Department of Psychology, University of Zurich, and Christoph von Toggenburg, Board Member YPO Peace Action Network.

March 30, 2023: "Feminist Perspectives on Empowerment."
Mozn Hassan, Egypt. Right Livelihood Award 2016
Panel: Prof. Dr. Bettina Dennerlein, Asia-Orient Institute, University of Zurich, and Christina Blecher, Founder and President of GreenLamp


April 27, 2023: «Protecting Landscapes from the Commercial Development of Oil Production»
Diana Nabiruma (AFIEGO), Uganda, Right Livelihood Award 2022
Podium: Dr. Fritz Brugger, Executive Director, Center for Development and Cooperation, ETH, und Dr. Andreas Missbach, Director, Alliance Sud


04. Mai 2023: «Establishing and Protecting Human Rights for Women and Girls at Risk»
Marthe Wandou, Kamerun, Right Livelihood Award 2021
Panel: Dr. Lea Chilian, Deputy Head, Institute of Social Ethics, UZH, and Angelika Weber, Program Manager Cameroon, Mission 21


May 11, 2023: «Collective Empowerment in the Field of Agroecology»
Tony Rinaudo, Australien, Right Livelihood Award 2018
Panel:  Prof. Dr. Johanna Jacobi, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, ETH, and Tina Goethe, Joint Head of Department Development Policy & Issues, HEKS


May 25, 2023: «Change Processes through Education»

Neshan Gunasekera, Sri Lanka, Legacy Holder of Judge Christopher Weeramantry, Sri Lanka, Right Livelihood Award 2007
Panel: Prof. Dr. Roland Reichenbach, Institute of Education, UZH, und Isabelle Bosset, Foundations and Anchoring, éducation21


June 01, 2023: «Empowerment of Change – The Role of the University and Civil Society»
Panel Discussion with Kai Niebert, Institute of Education, University of Zurich, Rex Romero, Senior Project Leader International Projects, myClimate, Rex Romero, Senior Projektleiter Internationale Projekte, myClimate, and  Franziska Zoller, Head of Innovation & Socio-Economic Change, WWF



Lecture Series «Sustainability now!» Spring Semester 2022

17 March: «Co-Creation: Successful Solutions for Reforestation with the People, for the People»
Tony Rinaudo: Alternative Nobel Prize 2018. With Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schmid, Department of Geography, UZH, and Dr. Iris Menn, Executive Director Greenpeace.

  • 24 March: «Female Empowerment for a Just Society in Afghanistan»
    Sima Samar: Alternative Nobel Prize 2012. With Prof. Dr. Bettina Dennerlein, Asia-Orient Institute / Gender Studies, UZH, and Corinne Huser, Senior Gender Equality Policy Advisor SDC
  • 31 March: «Indigenous Peoples as Guardians of Biodiversity»
    Linda Poppe, Survival International (organisation): Alternative Nobel Prize 1989. With Fanny Pulver, Trainee at the Directorate of International Law FDFA/EDA, and Christoph Wiedmer, Co-Director of Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker.
  • 07 April: «Shrinking Spaces: The Harassment of Civil Society in the Russian Autocracy»
    Anna Dobrovolskaya, Memorial (Organisation): Alternative Nobel Prize 2004. With Dr. Sandra Frimmel, Slavic Department, UZH, and Em. Prof. Dr. Bertil Cottier, Board Reporters without Borders Switzerland
  • 28 April: «A Culture of Remembrance as a Prerequisite for Reconciliation»
    Vesna Teršelič: Alternative Nobel Prize 1998. With Andrej Marković, Department of History, UZH, and Ruth Schweikert, Board Stolpersteine Switzerland
  • 12 May: «The Role of Peace Education for a Safe Environmental Space»
    Alyn Ware: Alternative Nobel Prize 2009. With PD Dr. Elham Manea, Institute of Political Science, UZH, and Dr. Evelyn Dietsche, Senior Business Lead Swisspeace
  • 19 May: «Responsible Science: Transformation for the Future»
    David Suzuki: Alternative Nobel Prize 2009. With Dr. Gabriela Wülser, Head of Sustainability Research SCNAT
  • 02 June: «Education for Transformation? A Critical Review»
    Vandana Shiva: Alternative Nobel Prize 1993. With Dr. Jeannette Behringer, Project Manager Sustainability in Teaching and Research, UZH, and Dr. Kristina Lanz, Alliance Sud

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  • Marthe Wandou MNG Rämibühl 1

    Marthe Wandou am MNG Rämibühl

  • Marthe Wandou MNG Rämibühl 2

    Marthe Wandou am MNG Rämibühl

  • Marthe Wandou MNG Rämibühl 3

    Marthe Wandou am MNG Rämibühl

  • Marthe Wandou MNG Rämibühl 4

    Marthe Wandou am MNG Rämibühl

  • Marthe Wandou MNG Rämibühl 5

    Marthe Wandou am MNG Rämibühl

  • Marthe Wandou MNG Rämibühl 6

    Marthe Wandou am MNG Rämibühl

  • Marthe Wandou MNG Rämibühl 7

    Marthe Wandou am MNG Rämibühl

  • Marthe Wandou MNG Rämibühl 8

    Marthe Wandou am MNG Rämibühl

  • Marthe Wandou MNG Rämibühl 9

    Marthe Wandou am MNG Rämibühl

  • Marthe Wandou MNG Rämibühl 10

    Marthe Wandou am MNG Rämibühl

Right Livelihood laureate Marthe Wandou presented the impressive work of her non-profit organization ALDEPA to several classes at MNG Rämibühl. Following the presentation, Dr. Medinat Malefakis gave a complementary talk on the situation with Boko Haram. At the end, the event was rounded off by a question and answer session with the students.



Previous Public Lecture Series "Sustainability now!" Spring Semester 2021

Screenshots of all eight lectures
  1. «Every drop counts – the human right to clean water»
    Maude Barlow, Canada, RLA 2005. With Prof. Dr. Jan Seibert, Department of Geography, University of Zurich and Andreas Kläy, Centre for Development and Environment, University of Berne.
  2. «How we feed the world»
    Hans Herren, Switzerland, RLA 2013. With Prof. Dr. Chinwe Ifejika Speranza, Institute of Geography, University of Berne, and Dr. Angelika Hilbeck, Institute of Integrative Biology, ETH Zurich.
  3. «The responsibility of media in fighting for human rights»
    Amy Goodman, USA, RLA 2008. With Prof. Dr. Mark Eisenegger, Institute for Communication and Media Research, University of Zurich, and Dr. Martin Dahinden, former director SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) and ambassador in Washington D.C.
  4. «Africa’s way in the 21st century»
    Nnimmo Bassey, Nigeria, RLA 2010. With Prof. Dr. Gesine Krüger, Department of History, University of Zurich, and Thomas Gass, Assistant Director General SDC.
  5. «The powerful voice of the untouchables»
    Dr. Ruth Manorama, India, RLA 2013. With Prof. Dr. Angelika Malinar, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University of Zurich, and Anu Sivaganesan, Federal Comission for Women's Issues FCWI.
  6. «No pardon for chemical weapons»
    Paul Walker, USA, RLA 2013. With Elaheh Pooyandeh, Society for Chemical Weapons Victims Support (SCWVS), Iran and Prof. Dr. Tilmann Altwicker, Institute of International Law and Comparative Constitutional Law, University of Zurich.
  7. «I am from a developing country, I am a lawyer and I am blind – I have a disability and 99 opportunities»
    Yetnerbersh Nigussie, Ethiopia, RLA 2017. With Prof. Dr. Raphael Zahnd, Chair for Inclusive Didactics and Heterogeneity at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and Joachim Schoss, Founder and Chairman of EnableMe (formerly MyHandicap).
  8. «Changing the World Using the Law»
    Colin Gonsalves, India, RLA 2017. With Dr. Nicolas Bueno, Faculty of Law, University of Zurich, and Dr. Fanny de Weck, Human Rights Lawyer, RISE Attorneys at Law, Zurich. 

All lectures can be watched as SWITCHcast.

Overview of the public lecture on the School for Transdisciplinary Studies website

Download (in german): Flyer "Nachhaltigkeit jetzt!" (PDF, 167 KB)




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