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Study Week "Sustainable Development and Transformation"

Basic information

next study week

Fall Semester 2024 (9th to 13th September 2024)

Fall Semester 2025 (8th to 12th September 2025)

course type Block Seminar
target group Master students of all disciplines
language The study week is mainly held in German,
individual units are held in English.
concept Sustainability Team UZH
registration School for Transdisciplinary Studies 

Study week 2023

participants of the study week 2023 in a group photo

The inter- and transdisciplinary study week «Nachhaltige Entwicklung und Transformation» (sustainable development and transformation) took place for the first time from September 11th to 15th, 2023. Introductions to the fundamentals of sustainable development were complemented by case analyzes in selected subject areas (including sustainable finance, circular economy, climate justice). Solution proposals were developed in collaboration with stakeholders from science and practice.

Testimonial student Salomé Perret, young, feminine-appearing person with a gray sweater stands in nature and smiles into the camera

"With an impressive number of interesting lecturers, this course taught me to view the challenges of our society in a more transdisciplinary way. Furthermore, meeting people from different disciplinary backgrounds but with a similar passion and mindset was extremely enriching and probably already reason enough to engage more in courses like this one."

Salomé Perret, Student of French Linguistics and Literature, Sustainable Development

Testimonial student Henrik Remmert, young, male-appearing person with a blue T-shirt and hat, stands in front of a brick wall, supports his arms on the gray ends of the wall that protrude into the picture on the left and right, the person smiles into the camera

"For me, studying means working for a good future. Now we have to think about how we can shape the future in harmony with nature. Thanks to the study week, for the lots of information from science and practice, for the discussions and the moments of hope for a sustainable economy!"

Henrik Remmert, studies educational sciences

The next implementation is planned for HS 2024 (9th to 13th September 2024). If you have any questions feel free to contact Dr Jeannette Behringer (project leader) or Dr Leonard Creutzburg.

Learning objectives

The study week conveys basic as well as the latest knowledge of sustainable development with a focus on understanding, analysis and shaping developments in a democratic society under time pressure. The starting point is to impart basic knowledge on the development and content of the normative guiding principle as well as the resulting implications for science, politics, business and civil society. Current conflicts of objectives of non-sustainable development are dealt with in transdisciplinary co-teaching by science and practice with the students. Concrete questions are dealt with by the students in transdisciplinary case analyses with the aim of applying transformational knowledge.

participants of the study week 2023 on an excursion, five people standing in front of a field

The following excursions enabled 2023 multi-perspective learning:

  • HofLabor (agriculture and food)
  • Surprise city tour (social inequality)
  • Helvetas (climate justice)
  • Inrate (sustainable finance)

Scientific advisory group